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Team Thesis!
it's been awhile 
10th-Oct-2006 10:52 am
since I've made a real post!

But seriously nothiing too interesting has been happening here...
I've been getting frustrated with work, I feel a bit like this whole thesis thing has been stagnating and that I need a serious jump-start to get it back in gear. It's not helping that the advisor has had several of my first draft chapters for months now and has not gotten back to me about any of them (well besides a 'oh they look fine', which really isn't helpful), so I feel like I can't really re-work the old stuff and the writing of new stuff seems to be inhibited by the fact that I'm not getting any new data... I was hoping to be using the laser for some solids analysis, but it's broken, and the ICP-MS is still not fixed yet (it drives me craaazy because it's been probably 2 months now and I need to use that particular machine, and It's not like I'm in the position now to be waiting paitently until it's fixed). So yeah, work has been...well, frustrating to say the least. And then I feel like I'm being lazy and/or a cry baby because I'm not getting anything done, which of course makes me feel even suckier. I keep dreaming about the apocalypse which is also freaky (I've had apocalyptic dreams before, but never with this frequency!)... is it a signal that I'm not ready for the future? Does it mean that if I continue like this I'm going to be in big trouble? Or am I just being a paranoid nutcase? It's hard to tell sometimes :)

Socially, life has been pretty boring I've been out and about with friends a handfull of times, but really nothing super-interesting or funny has happened...MSU has even been sucking at football so my one outlet for fun and excitement has been actually sort of depressing and sad instead! But on an up note, the parents are in town next week which should be fun! We'll see some shows and eat out, it should be pretty enjoyable! Then after that I'm off to DC for the weekend to mooch off of a friend who is house hunting, so that weekend should be both fun and productive! So really, things should pick up a bit in the future. It'll just mean that I have to have fun and move forward with my thesis, which actually might be easier than feeling bored and lazy and trying to get the thesis done... I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Back to the thesis bit, I did accomplish my September goal of finishing the first draft of the entire background section, which is good, so I do have a good chunk of it behind me. The second-half will be difficult I imagine, but for different reasons than the first-half...because unlike putting together bits and pieces of new information to form a coherent explanation of something, I'll be having to shape original information and justify it in a manner that is interesting and usefull scientifically, so while I'll have less learning to do, I think that this half won't exactly be a walk in the park either!

My immediate goals are to have Ch 8 poisihed and shiny by the end of this week and to fill in some of the gaps that I've left in the background section (filling in figures and refs mostly, perhaps evaluating a conclusion or two). Then onto Ch 9, which I'll hope to have finished by the end of Oct.!
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